Website for Sara Karas Berlin

Created: 27.06.2022 | Last edited: 22.07.2022


There isn't too much to write about this one. Basically, I've built a quick Django site for a friend.

Planning for a CMS

Originally I wanted to give wagtail-cms a shot here. While I see how it can be useful, I wasn't happy with the result. So I scrapped it and went with plain Django for the backend. However, it was an opportunity to try out tailwind-css.

Thoughts on working with CSS

I thought there might be more to experiment around with but...while I liked the way tailwind strips CSS down to remove unused classes before deploying static files, there wasn't much inspiration for me to build something on top. It lead me to the idea of writing a quick preprocessor for Django to remove unused CSS classes as that's useful the way I use CSS for personal projects by just reusing my own little CSS framework, but that project didn't make it beyond the todo list yet. 

Sooo, that's all about this one. Feel free to check her website out and if you speak german you might discover new comedy content you like :)


Link to the final page