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xiv-consult is part of FERNAO Networks to provide a wide range of security services; focused on consultancy regarding ISMS (ISO27001). This is my main job as an information security officer; former tech lead.


ASB is an NGO providing a wide range of medical and social services to those in need. I am currently voluntarily involved as rescue support in catastrophe protection.


DjangoGirls is an NGO organising free workshops across the globe to motivate more women to pursue tech careers. I was happy enough to be able to voluntarily organise a workshop and currently work on contributing to the repositories while sharing my experiences with other organisers.


GermanZero is an NGO working on fighting climate change in Germany and hopefully beyond one day by providing legislative consultancy and support. I was voluntarily involved as coordinator for the team developing a backend generating reports and working on an open source package on climate calculations. While not being active anymore, I hope to contribute again soon.

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This website is build on

Type Description
Django This entire page is build on Django 4 as it's driving python web framework.
django-tinymce A tinymce implementation for django, providing an capable and extensible WYSIWYG-editor for the backend.
django-dbbackup A Django plugin to generate database backups. Used in combination with the Python dropbox package and django-storages.
dropbox Official Python DropBox SDK to access DropBox and store database backups.
django-storages A collection of custom storage backends for django; used to write backups to DropBox.
GitPython Used to access the Git-repository of this page using Python. Implemented to trigger pull requests by web hooks to automatically deploy updated versions of this page from the production branch.
mysqlclient Python package used to work with the MySQL database that provides data to this website.
django-filebrowser Plugin used to have an image upload field with resizing in the tinymce-editor.
django-grappelli Originally only installed because it is an dependency for django-filebrowser. However, I came to like it and decided to play around more with it to build a full custom dashboard including my own module to plot graphs (as explained in my related article).
requests Python package to do...well. Requests. Used to fetch data from my analytics api to plot website statistic graphs on my backend dashboard.
matplotlib The all famous plotting library for Python. Used to power my backend dashboard graphs.
seaborn Python package build on matplotlib, offering advanced graphs mainly for statistics. However, I almost always include it together with matplotlib as I just love the color pallets.
bootswatch quartz A bootstrap theme created by Thomas Park. Originally I didn't want to go with bootstrap but..I later on scrapped my CSS and went with this theme as I just fell in love with it. So I went with this one and adapted it with my own CSS variables, colours, and special styles needed.
card design Project-Page cards are build using an adapted version of booligoosh blog card design. For now. I am in love with cards. So I usually build them over and over again or switch them to other designs I discover and like. But for now it is this one and even though it's quite modified I'd like to give credit to the original author for his/her cool idea.
select2.js The default HTML multiple-select-box is just...well. After building around it I discovered select2 a few years ago and it just became my default for forms with multiple-select fields as I just love the tag-style, it works intuitively for users, and once figuring out how it plays with Djangos template tags it's easy to use. There is a Django package for implementing select2 but to me it added just unnecessary complexity. Might be useful when using crispy forms to stay consistent in the architecture; but for now I just love to quick and easy add plain select2 JavaScript.
prism.js As usual, prism.js for proper code syntax highlighting in projects and blog posts; configured with plugins and integrated into tinymce.
sentry io Monitoring and logging of page events/issues.